8ème édition des Antibody Industrial Symposia - 22 et 23 juin 2020 - Montpellier.

  • Pharmacie,
  • Recherche,
  • Santé-Sciences-Technologie,

du 22 juin 2020 au 23 juin 2020

The CORUM Conference Centre – Montpellier, France
Esplanade Charles De Gaulle
34000 Montpellier

La 8ème édition des Antibody Industrial Symposia, conjointement organisée par le LabEx MAbImprove et la filière industrielle MabDesign, se tiendra les 22 et 23 juin 2020 à Montpellier. Thème "Multispecific antibodies, antibody-like molecules and adoptive cell therapy for fighting diseases"

The next frontier of Ab-based therapeutics for fighting diseases is the production and application of higher-order multispecific Abs or Ab-like molecules, as well as novel cytokine-based biologics or engineered artificial chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). Indeed multispecific Abs and next-generation immunocytokines provide promising platform for the development of novel therapeutic concepts that could facilitate the generation of safer, more effective pharmaceuticals. Re-directing immune cells with engineered CARs is an exciting approach for efficient adoptive cell therapy. AIS2020 will cover the multifaceted mechanisms induced by novel multimer derivatives, cytokine-based products and CARs in different pathophysiological situations. It will also focus on CMC developability (Chemistry Manufacturing Control) and the early clinical development.


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