Targetting GPCR to generate life, preserve the environment and improve animal breeding: technological and pharmacological challenges

  • Pharmacie,
  • Recherche,

du 16 octobre 2019 au 19 octobre 2019

La Villa Rabelais
116 boulevard Béranger 37000 TOURS

The conference will start on Wednesday 16th October at 12:30 and end on Friday 18th at noon.

Reproduction is the key event in biology and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) are deeply involved therein. Mastering the processes governing animal and human reproduction ensures sustainable animal breading and allows fertility control, infertility therapy and demographic equilibrium. This interdisciplinary workshop analyzes the current challenges around this theme and, bringing the GPCR in the center of the scene, envisions novel pathways not only to optimize reproduction at large but also to reduce the environmental and societal burden of the current technologies.

This international conference is organised in the framework of the ARD 2020 Biopharmaceuticals Programme.